Skosana Contract Labour

Skosana Contract Labour provide from cleaners, drivers, operators, packers, forklift drivers, quality control supervisors as well as technical labour requirements to the client. The customers enjoys peace of mind, product control and stable production, whilst normal  income and profit are generated.

What ever the customers’ personnel requirements might be or range from.
Be it from supplying general personnel for rendering basic sanitation and rubbish removal services, to more skilled contract labour and management services, Skosana Contract Labour can solve the problem.

All contract labour personnel are trained, supervised, managed, clothed and remunerated by Skosana, leaving the customer to attend to the every day duties of their businesses

Skosana Contract Labour clients’ don’t have the burden of worrying about the everyday duties of managing the workforce. All these duties are carried out by Skosana, under strict control of the service render and in accordance with the laid down governmental laws and policies of the labour act.

The customer furthermore enjoys the privilege of a “no fuss” labour force when dealing with Skosana Contract Labour. All these activities are handled and managed by the service render.